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CVS to acquire health insurer Aetna

2017 has not seen the torrid pace of mega-mergers like the business world experienced in 2016, but the proposed merger between CVS and Aetna could follow the old adage of “saving the best for last.”

According to a recent report, the retail pharmacy chain reportedly purchased the health care insurer for $69 billion. Analysts see the deal as one that could radically change the health care industry. 

Does good news help with prospective mergers?

With the holiday season beginning in earnest for retailers, toymakers are likely very popular among consumers. Within the world of corporate mergers and acquisitions, Mattel and Hasbro are rumored to be hot commodities as they discuss the possibility of joining forces.

According to a recent report, Hasbro has made an offer to purchase Mattel. Like many mergers, Hasbro wants to ensure its survival in the marketplace, even though ostensibly wants to buy its rival as the toy industry is experiencing a decline due in part to the growing popularity of console games, tablets and other handheld electronics.

Sprint, T-Mobile call off merger

With the holiday shopping season looming, retailers are making final preparations for their offerings in order to maximize profitability. After all there is a reason the day after Thanksgiving is dubbed “Black Friday.” For cell phone service providers Sprint and T-Mobile, this ostensibly means clearing the air about the suspected merger between them.

For months, speculation abounded regarding a potential marriage between the third and fourth largest cell service carriers in the United States. The union would have put pressure on the leaders in the telecom market, AT&T and Verizon. The proposed merger would have created a company that would have had 130 million subscribers. 

Unhearlded books that can help entrepreneurs

It may be obvious to the enterprising entrepreneur, but success for small business owner means constantly evolving; a continuous journey to hone one’s skills. There is certainly some truth to the notion of being the constant student, given the numerous business development and management books sold at Barnes & Noble and through

With that, this post highlights a few business development books that every entrepreneur should take time to read. While they may be unheralded compared to others, the principles discussed are very helpful.

When should entrepreneurs fire themselves

As rewarding as entrepreneurship can be for small business owners, it can sometimes be isolating and limiting. This is arguably why most entrepreneurs are not successful. However, those who strive for success never do it alone. Instead, they rely on a team of advisors that help them grow not only through the business, but also as people.

This notion is supported by a report that examines whether entrepreneurs should fire themselves. The uninitiated may think “Why would an entrepreneur fire themselves?” But it makes perfect sense when considered in the context of how a small business grows into a powerful enterprise. 

Will 'Comic-Con' soon become a generic term?

A comic book convention is nirvana for fans of super heroes, science fiction buffs and video game fans. Arguably the most famous convention is the San Diego Comic Convention (also known as Comic-Con). But for those who cannot make the annual trip to California, regional comic book conventions have sprouted up throughout the country.

Of course, some are larger than others, but how is a comic book fan supposed to distinguish between competing Comic-Cons? 

How should I handle the health care deduction for my busienss

Much has been made about the Affordable Care Act and how it may continue to affect how small businesses offer health insurance to their employees. However, some small business owners may be missing out on tax deductions that they can claim for paying insurance premiums through their business. This may be especially important for self-employed individuals.

This post will provide some helpful information on whether premiums should be paid through the business.

New Balance win may be a sign of change in China

If there is one thing that is more valuable than money to an emerging startup, it is the exclusivity of its brand. This is why trademarks are so important in the marketplace. A trademark essentially establishes a secure way to maintain protections against companies who seek to copy a popular mark that has set a company apart from its competitors.

Exclusivity with a mark is critical when selling a product internationally. In China, U.S. companies have routinely lost trademark infringement cases. Last year, Apple lost a suit against a company using its “iPhone” trademark. Drug maker Pfizer also lost multiple cases against companies using its Viagra trademark. The same occurred with Michael Jordan’s brand. 

What entrepreneurs should know before leaving their jobs

If there is a time to turn a “side hustle” into full-time job, it has to be 2017. After all, not only is more startup money available given the proliferation of sources, such money is still relatively inexpensive.   Nevertheless, access to startup capital is not the only hurdle that entrepreneurs will have to clear on the road to success.  

This post will offer some helpful tips for entrepreneurs who aspire to transition from a w-2 job to their own business. 

FAA advised to reconsider seat size rules

If you fly regularly for business, or are considering the purchase of an airline, chances are that seat size and legroom are thing that affect your air travel choices. As the airline industry has evolved, some carriers believe that customers will pay more to have additional leg room or wider seats. This has become especially prevalent among “low cost” carriers such as Jet Blue, Spirit and Frontier Airlines.

Nevertheless, a federal appeals court recently suggested that the Federal Aviation Administration should be able to regulate seat sizes and the number of seats on planes. The decision comes from a challenge raised by the consumer rights group, The Flyers Rights. The group requested that the FAA write rules governing seat size and the distance between seat rows. 

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