Strategic Guidance On Venture Capital, Private Equity And Entrepreneurial Transactions

Venture capital and other types of private equity are at the cornerstone of innovation in our economy. Without these funding options, countless emerging businesses and technologies would never have made it off the ground.

In this highly regulated field, however, strategic legal counsel is indispensable for the success of all parties involved. At The Jin Law Group, a corporate and securities boutique in New York City, we provide specialized guidance on all aspects of private equity and entrepreneurial transactions.

Our lawyers work with venture capital and private equity clients on matters such as:

  • Forming private equity funds, venture capital funds and other investment vehicles and products
  • Preparing term sheets, rights agreements and other important documents
  • Evaluating and structuring initial and follow-on investments, including forming the purchasing entity of the target company
  • Structuring and negotiating acquisition of target companies
  • Debt financing, including syndicated loan facilities, subordinated debt facilities and mezzanine debt facilities
  • Advising on continuing relationships with portfolio companies, including assessing portfolio companies' compliance with credit agreements and other deal documents
  • Determining strategies for investment exit, including restructuring or repackaging debt instruments, selling assets and pursuing initial or alternative public offerings

Benefit From Large-Firm Experience In A Boutique Setting

Our attorneys bring a high level of expertise to this niche area of practice. We leverage both legal and financial acumen to help clients capitalize on valuable opportunities. As a boutique practice, we offer the same experience and knowledge you would find at a large firm, but with the advantage of a hands-on approach to personalized client service.

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