Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

  • When there is a dispute between business partners, we first analyze the nature of the dispute. It could be a dispute related to compensation (salary and bonuses), unlawful use or theft of intellectual property or other type of company property, corporate governance disputes, distribution of dividend, and disagreement over the division of assets and liabilities between them at the dissolution of the Company.
  • If you find that you may have a partnership or shareholder dispute in your hands, we will attain a feasible solution to the problem.

When you have a transaction or a dispute involving your rights and liabilities, you have many important decisions to make. One of the most important is your choice of legal counsel. Will you work with a big law firm with a thousand attorneys - or will you be best served by attorneys who have big-firm experience and expertise but have chosen to practice in an intimate boutique setting?

At The Jin Law Group, you will find top-notch attorneys, whose credentials largely speak for themselves. We provide hands-on service and results-driven representation for our clients.​