Helping Businesses Thrive In A Global Marketplace

In today's global economy, the success of many companies hinges on their ability to conduct business in foreign markets. Yet there are many obstacles — legal, financial and cultural — to navigating the international marketplace.

At The Jin Law Group, we help businesses overcome those obstacles and thrive. Our firm is a boutique corporate and securities law practice with a dedication to hands-on client service. We provide the same level of expertise as a large firm, but in a more intimate and personal setting.

Knowledgeable Guidance On International Business Matters

A major focus of our practice involves helping clients conduct business overseas, with a special emphasis on the Far East. We also assist foreign businesses with breaking into the U.S. market or acquiring U.S. companies.

We provide guidance on all aspects of international business and corporate law, including:

  • Forming joint ventures and other strategic alliances with foreign companies
  • Negotiating and structuring acquisitions, mergers and international transactions
  • Securing approval from foreign governments
  • Complying with domestic and foreign laws

Our New York City-based firm serves clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.

A Wealth Of Legal And Cultural Insight

Our legal team includes highly accomplished attorneys with strong backgrounds in international law, trade and financing. Lawyer Ruth Jin — a graduate of Peking University Law School, the University of Tokyo Law School and Georgetown University Law Center — has extensive experience handling complex international transactions.

Ms. Jin is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Yet her fluency extends beyond just the languages of these nations; she is also well-versed in their laws and culture. By drawing on this invaluable background, Ms. Jin helps clients avoid the invisible cultural land mines that can so often derail pivotal transactions.

Enlist Our Team

Partner with an experienced legal team that is dedicated to helping your business succeed. To learn more, call 646-863-9110 or send us an email.