Considering Going Public?

For many privately held companies, going public is a significant milestone in the growth of the business. Access to public markets can allow you to raise virtually limitless capital from a wide pool of investors. It can set the stage for exponential growth both now and down the road.

However, bringing your company to market is not without risks and challenges. Both initial public offerings (IPOs) and alternative public offerings (APOs) involve countless legal and financial considerations.

At The Jin Law Group in New York City, we serve as trusted legal counsel for businesses seeking to pursue public offerings. Our attorneys draw on a wealth of experience in this niche field to help clients strategize the right course of action.

Initial Public Offerings

IPOs are a common way for privately held businesses to access the public markets, but the process is highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We help businesses prepare for the in-depth scrutiny of investors and underwriters — as well as the extensive regulatory oversight — that goes along with transforming into a publicly traded company.

Our attorneys provide strategic guidance on:

  • Working with underwriters
  • Navigating timing and valuation issues
  • Complying with public disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Pursuing secondary market and follow-on offerings
  • Conducting due diligence

Alternative Public Offerings

While IPOs remain a vital option for many businesses, they are not for everyone. The expense, time, effort and public disclosures involved in IPOs may undermine your business's needs and goals.

APOs are a more attractive option for many businesses, especially smaller emerging businesses seeking to access public markets. This avenue combines a reverse merger and PIPE financing (Private Investment of Public Entity) to strategically position companies within the public markets. APOs can typically be closed much faster than IPOs, and they avoid the intensive vetting and disclosure processes involved in IPOs.

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